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Eric Harshbarger

Eric Harshbarger did not first ask the question about the existence of Go First Dice; rather he was the first asked about them (by game-designer friend James Ernest in 2010). He and friend Robert Ford soon discovered early results. Over the next decade Eric continued intermittent research on the topic, and has served as an organizer and curator of the results obtained by himself and others who have been interested in the topic.

Michael Purcell

Michael has been interested in permutation-fair dice since first seeing them for sale online. He has worked on the problem of finding new sets of permutation-fair dice for more than four players since 2021.

Carl Hoff

Carl has been interested in Go First Dice since seeing Eric's G4G10 presentation on the topic back in 2012. Most recently, he made 3D models of Michael's 5d120 permutation-fair set.

James Grime

James Grime and Brian Pollock found a set of five 60-side place-fair dice in 2014. James wrote up the details of the binary and inductive constructions for Recreational Mathematics Magazine 017 (January 2023).

Paul Meyer

Paul Meyer was first introduced to Go First Dice by James Grime's Numberphile video on the topic in April 2023. Paul then found the first permutation-fair 5d60 set in July 2023.

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